Committees and Groups

As our Parish strives always to be a welcoming community of faith, we have a range of groups and organisations involved in various aspects of community and Parish life. Please take a look now, there is sure to be a group that you could be involved in. We are always looking for additional volunteers.

Liturgy Preparation

We have liturgy preparation teams that help plan the Sunday liturgies throughout the year. You are welcome to be involved. There is always additional liturgy preparation prior to the major seasons in the Church’s calendar, Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas.

For further details, please phone:
Tricia Murray (03) 9380 1023 (Wednesday to Friday)

Young Adults Group

The Young Adults Group meets on the first Sunday of the month after the 10.30am Mass at St Ambrose’s. The young adults group offers young people a special place where they can gather and share their journey of faith through a variety of initiatives. At present, the group is small and cosy, yet very hopeful and determined to grow larger in the coming months. This enables the younger generation to actively participate in the life of the Church and to be “more visible” in our parish. The group has been named SCRIPTI, based on the four main areas of the Parish focus: ServiCe, lituRgy, communIty and ProclamaTIon. Scripti also recalls the scriptures, the Gospel as the foundation of our lives and nourishment for our faith. The group strongly embraces the Parish’s vision and would like to make it relevant to young adults too. Contact the parish office for more information.

Parish Choir

Both the 6pm Saturday Vigil Mass and the 10.30am Sunday Mass have a choir to lead the singing. Both choirs are almost always looking for additional members. If you have any interest at all in taking part, please take the opportunity after Mass to introduce yourself to a member of one of the choirs. Or if you’d prefer to have a chat about it first, please contact the Parish Office on 9380 1023.

Peace and Justice Group

The Peace and Justice Group, which meets every six weeks, is made up of concerned parishioners who are vitally interested in matters relating to peace and justice in our world. The group sometimes joins with other groups outside the Parish to tackle issues. Recently, the group has especially been looking at issues relating to the environment, world hunger, asylum seekers and Indigenous Australians. Anyone interested in finding out more should contact the Parish Office.

Social events Committee

The Social Committee organises parish events like the First Sunday ‘cuppa’ after the 10.30am Mass, Mothers' and Fathers' day gifts, parish dinners, a Christmas ‘market’, raffles and other fundraising events. Everyone is welcome to join the Committee. For further information, please contact the Parish Office.

Christian Meditation Group

This group meets every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm in the Spirituality Room of St Ambrose's Community Centre for an hour focused on contemplative prayer. For more information contact:
the Parish Office (03) 9380 1023 from Wednesday to Friday.


We regularly conduct the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults for people enquiring about the Catholic faith. If you have any interest in this at all, please phone: Fr Joel at the Parish Office on (03) 9380 1023.

The Parish Voice

The Parish Voice is our parish magazine. It appears three times per year. The editorial committee is always looking for additional input so if this appeals at all, please contact Tricia Murray at the Parish Office (03) 9380 1023 from Wednesday to Friday.

Inter-Church Council

The Inter-Church group meets regularly with other Brunswick church groups to discuss issues. Members include the Anglican, Baptist and Uniting Churches and The Salvation Army. If you would like more information, please contact the Parish Office.

St Vincent de Paul Conference

In our Parish we have an active group that helps people in need. This group is referred to as the St Vincent de Paul Conference and it meets every fortnight. Conference members visit people throughout Brunswick who are looking for help in any way.

St Vincent de Paul members are working at the coal face where they reach out to disabled people, the frail aged, refugees and all sorts of individuals and families who may be finding life tough. The help that members offer may include providing food or material assistance, budget advice or help with advocacy issues. Our St Vincent de Paul Conference is always looking for new volunteers to help with this vital work. Please contact Brian Dethridge through the Parish Office 9380 1023.

Parish Food Bank

St Ambrose's Food Bank is a means of providing material support to individuals and families, who are in need in the Brunswick area. The Food Bank gives people a choice of packaged foods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Time: Every Thursday, 11am to 11.30am
Place: St Ambrose’s Community Centre (next to the church), 287 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

If you’d like to help with the Food Bank, please contact Bobby Hardstaff via the Parish Office.

Bethany House Committee

Bethany House is a residence owned by the parish, where we provide accommodation for Asylum Seekers. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on (03) 9380 1023.

The Thursday Lunch

Lunch is provided for those who need it, at Our Lady's every Thursday at 1.00pm. Gerard McCabe oversees this lunch which is usually attended by about 24 people. We welcome new volunteers to assist with the preparation and serving.